2023-09-16 18:20


  1. 在这快乐分享的时刻,思念好友的时刻,美梦成真的时刻,祝你—新年快乐,佳节如意!

  Wish you a happy new year and a good fortune in the coming year when we will share our happiness, think of our good friends, andour dreams come true!

  2. 没人值得你为ta流泪,真正爱你的人不会让你哭泣。

  No man or woman is worth your tears and the one who is,won't make your cry.

  3. 只要你愿意,当你失落失意的时候,最需要一个肩膀的时候,告诉我,我会立即出现。

  As long as you are willing, please let me know what I can do for you. When you are unhappy and want to cry on somebody's shoulder, I will stand before you immediately

  4. 遇上一个人要一分钟的时间,喜欢一个人只需一小时的时间,爱上一个人要一天的时间,可要我忘记你却要用上一生的时间。

  I can meet a person in a minute, like a person in an hour and love a person in a day, but it will take me a whole life to forget you.

  5. 在每个想念的日子,想你不容易,不想你更难,愿以一片难懂的心情,深深思念你!情人节快乐!

  Every day I miyou. It is a hard time for me to miyou but itis even harder not to do so. In such a contrary mood, I miyou deeply! A happy Valentine's Day to you!

  6. 你嫣然的微笑是我每日享受到的魅力。

  Your smiling at me is my daily dose of magic.

  7. 我知道你最喜欢这首歌,我也知道你的心思,我想你。

  I know you like this song most and I know what you are thinking about ,too, I miss you .

  8. 常常想起曾和你在一起的那些日子。开心快乐幸福失落伤心痛苦的所有日子。很想你,很想你……

  Those days when we were together appear in my mind time after time,because they were so joyful, happy, blest, disappointing, sad and painful. I miyou ,and miyou so mach……

  9. 我早上愿意醒来为两个理由 闹钟和你。

  There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: my alarm clock and you.

  10. 没有杯子……咖啡是寂寞的……没有你……我是孤独的……

  Coffee is lonely without cups. I am lonely without you。


  1. 好想,好想你!如果清风有情,请带去我对你的思念,这一生都为你牵挂;如果白云有意,请带去我对你的爱恋,生生世世都愿和你共缠绵!

  Oh, How much I miyou! If the passionate refreshing breeze knows my heart, it can tell you that I miyou and care you for mylife's time. If graceful white cloud knows my heart, it can tellyou I love you and would be together with you forever。 “Two gates there are for dreams,” said Penelope to Odysseus after his ten years' wandering had ended. “One made for horn and one of for ivory. The dreams that pass through the carved ivory delude and bring us tales that turn to naught;those that can come through polished horn accomplish real things whenever seen.”


  2. The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.


  3. Conviction is everything in wishing. If you don't believe in your own power to make your wish come true, your wish will fly away, never to be seen again. But which leads to the most important point of all. If you're wishing for something possible, then it may be possible for you to do whatever you need to make it come true. The ultimate magic is not wishing, but doing.


  4. Dreams don't abandon a painstaking pursuit of the people, as long as you never stop pursuing, you will bathe in the brilliance of the dream.


  5. Most of the time, our rich pocket, but poor head; we have a dream, but the lack of thought.


  6. When you truly want something, all the universe conspires to help you finish it.


  7. The pursuit of a cause of the people, can “dream” doing higher. Although at the beginning of a dream, but as long as you keep doing, do not easily give up, dreams can come true.


  8. With a burning desire to achieve the dream as a backing, so that the desire to become enthusiastic, let it become your brain in one of the most important things.


  9. Who has the material to survive, people have a dream only talk about life. You have to understand life and life different Animal survival, while others life.


  10. The dream is the other shore, the reality is that on this side, action is the bridge connecting.



  1. Youth is to prepare the material, want to build a bridge to the moon, or on the ground and two palaces or temples. Middle age, finally decided to put up a shed.


  2. Plain ordinary dream, we used the only adhere to the belief to support the dream.


  3. To accomplish great things, in addition to dream, must act.


  4. No matter what age, the characteristics of young people always embrace the ideals and illusions. This is not anything wrong, but a valuable quality.


  5. The poor man is not the man without a cent, but the man without a dream.


  6. It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday, today is the hope, but also can become tomorrow's reality.


  7. Every life is a boat, the dream is the boat sail.


  8. As wishes may inspire dreams, so dreams may inspire wishes.


  9. Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. It is not enough that a thing be possible for it to be believed.


  10. everything i do is just to weave my wings for my dream now so that it can hover in the real world.


  11. How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerate of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of this.


  12. To get what I want, I will get better.


  13. To me, they hide in the depths of your soul; be a distant dream, every dream will exceed your goal.


  14. Human nature is the most pathetic: we always dream of the horizon of a wonderful rose garden, not to enjoy today in our window open rose.


  15. A heart will not be hurt for pursuing a dream, when you truly want something, all the universe conspires to help you complete the.


  16. Everything is now for the future of dream weaving wings, soar to great heights to dream in reality.


  17. The dream is not a dream, the difference between the two usually have a very worth pondering the distance.


  18. Sometimes your dreams of achieving is a kind of happiness, sometimes the dream is also a kind of happiness.

  有时你的梦想达到是一种幸福,有时梦想破灭也是一种幸福。With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you.


  19. A cheery Christmas and the New Year hold lots of happiness for you!


  20. New Year time is here. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. May every day hold happy hours for you.